A survey of three large hospital systems showed that although all three systems ordered fewer items in their CPTs, they still paid more in both average selling price and overall spend.

Surgical gowns and drapes are a large percentage of your OR’s budget, with a big portion being delivered via custom procedural trays (CPT’s). But do you have transparency into the exact products in your CPTs and their cost? See how some CPT providers can increase their profit margins at your expense.

QUICK CHECK* Wrap gives you all the double-layer ease and time-savings of ONE-STEP* Wrap, along with all the protection and performance you expect.

Surgical Wrap Grade Recommendations

In 1998, MicroCool* Surgical Gowns revolutionized the industry with their breathable impervious technology — and remained the standard for comfort and protection in the OR for almost 20 years. Now Halyard has introduced the next generation of protective surgical apparel — AERO CHROME* Breathable Performance Gowns.