HALYARD* PUREZERO* Life Science Nitrile Exam Gloves

Our goal is to reduce your worries over reliable protection, comfort and supply. Laboratory and clean area technicians have come to trust HALYARD* who has been designing and manufacturing quality nitrile exam gloves for over 20 years.


When you discover the fit, feeling and confidence of PUREZERO* gloves, our team of experts will handle your conversion in a snap, by providing all the technical documentation, validation and product knowledge you need. And, we have the manufacturing capacity to deliver a reliable glove supply in the face of the ever-changing global supply chain environment.

Stop worrying about your Laboratory Nitrile Gloves with PUREZERO*

HALYARD* PUREZERO* Life Science Nitrile Exam Gloves

Designed for use in laboratories, research environments, and clean areas with applications in pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, biotechnology, and food processing/handling. HALYARD* PUREZERO* Life Science Gloves ensure reliable protection on all fronts, delivering:

Protection of scientific work integrity
–   Stringent Quality Standards
–   Above industry average AQL (1.0)
–   Testing and Traceability

User protection & comfort
–   3 levels of protection

Supply reliability
–   Vertically integrated supply chain
–   20+ years of manufacturing

HALYARD* PUREZERO* is committed to supporting your unique needs, reliably and responsibly.
–   Global Footprint – Global Support
–   Risk-Free Conversion – documentation and validation
–   Social Responsibility – prohibit forced and abuse of labor

Reduce the risk of errors, inaccurate results and health concerns with the reliable protection of PUREZERO* Life Science Gloves.


Download the HALYARD* PUREZERO* Cleanroom Gloves Brochure to learn more about how to protect your cleanroom processes and staff from harmful contamination.

Download the HALYARD* PUREZERO* Behind The Innovation brochure and learn how we have been manufacturing cleanroom gloves for 20+ years.

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