HALYARD* Total Value

For nearly 150 years, we have continuously sharpened our focus to
meet and exceed customer needs.

Our Value Pillars


Supply chain disruptions and product failings can present real threats to the health of your organization. When your supply chain is unreliable or you experience poor product performance, there are measurable costs – both human and financial.

O&M Halyard strives to simply the process, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Knowledge & Expertise

Research by the CDC shows that hospitals can reduce HAI's by 70% if their care teams are aware of infection problems and the specific steps needed to fix them.

There’s much more to preventing infections than selecting the right products. It requires an awareness of risk areas and commitment to learning new ways to reduce those risks.


Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are faced with mounting pressures to simplify, standardize, and increase efficiencies in order to improve their overall financial health.  Halyard can help you find ways to cut down on wasted time and wasted money.


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