Mechanical Ventilation

Maximal Voluntary Ventilation

Muscle aches and pains in this course caused by the influenza virus.

Bacteria with a thick, waxy coat that makes them more resistant to chemical germicides than other types of vegetative bacteria. Tuberculosis bacillus is a Mycobacterium.

The study of fungi (f?n j?) and the diseases they cause.

Fungal diseases.

Clearance mechanism in the airways that moves bronchial mucus upward toward the oropharynx; propulsion of mucus is provided by the rhythmic beating action of cilia, which contact, stretch and push forward bronchial mucus, thus overcoming its natural viscosity. SYN: ciliary transport mechanism. Once in the oropharynx, mucus may be swallowed or sneezed or coughed out. SEE ciliary transport mechanism, oropharynx.

Whitish, fatty material that covers most long nerve fibers; serves as an insulator and provides protection.

Inflammation of a mucous membrane; orally, results in increased oropharyngeal colonization with respiratory pathogens and oral lesions; common causes include: age, medication, chemotherapy, poor oral care or illness.

Death of heart tissue that results when an area of the heart does not receive oxygen or becomes ischemic.