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Welcome to the HALYARD Education Podcast Series

In this series we discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on the healthcare industry and healthcare workers.

We will explore the unprecedented demand for PPE as we dive deep into supply, quality, and the rising costs associated with PPE production across the Asia Pacific region.

Our cast of experts answers the big questions: Why has the price of PPE risen? What’s the difference between a KN95 vs. N95 Mask? And why are healthcare workers getting infected while wearing PPE?

Episode 1: The Role of Gloves in a Pandemic

COVID-19 has fueled an unprecedented demand for PPE. In this episode, we turn our attention to gloves, looking closely at supply, quality, and cost. Host Lisa McKee, Marketing Director for Asia Pacific at O&M Halyard, talks to Greg Metcalf, Global Director for Gloves and Apparel at O&M Halyard, and Tai Bouvieir, Marketing Manager for PPE Asia-Pacific at O&M Halyard.



Episode 2: The Role of Face Masks in a Pandemic

In this episode, Eric Steindorf, Mask Research and Development Lead at O&M Halyard joins Lisa McKee and Tai Bouvieir to examine the role of masks in a pandemic and debunk some common mask myths.


Episode 3: The Role of PPE in a Pandemic

In this episode, Lisa McKee and Tai Bouvieir welcome Dr. Laurent Dreyfuss to look at PPE used in a pandemic. With global supply shortages, hospitals are faced with the need to know whether certain protective equipment that is available, is actually suitable.


Episode 4: Protecting Healthcare Workers during a Pandemic

In this episode, we look at protecting healthcare workers in a COVID-19 environment. What kind of PPE do healthcare workers have access to and what needs to change to reduce transmission? Lisa McKee and Tai Bouvieir are joined by epidemiologist, Professor Marylouise McLaws, and Infection Prevention expert Dr Cath Murphy.



In the Halyard Education podcast series, standards, guidelines, and studies are discussed. Please refer to the below links for further information.