“Do’s and Don’ts” of Procedure Masks and N95 Respirators

To help educate healthcare professionals on how to properly wear respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE), the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) has created two new fliers that outline key points on use of N95 respirators and procedure masks in non-surgical settings.


The Do’s and Don’ts for wearing procedure masks in non-surgical healthcare settings and the Do’s and Don’ts for wearing N95 respirators in non-surgical healthcare settings are free, downloadable fact sheets that present quick tips for wearing and safely removing this PPE, helping healthcare professionals prevent the spread of infection by avoiding common mistakes.


The fliers were developed by APIC’s Communications Committee with input from the American Nurses Association (ANA), the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP), and the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN).


Healthcare professionals often care for patients with infectious diseases that are spread by droplets or particles in the air and therefore frequently require respiratory protection. Data from the Respiratory Evaluation for Acute Care Hospitals (REACH) studies conducted during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic revealed the need for continued education and training about respiratory PPE among healthcare professionals.


Download the new fliers on the “Do’s and Don’ts” for wearing N95 respirators and procedure masks as well as other education materials for healthcare professionals from APIC’s Infection Prevention and You website:

Source:Healthcare Purchasing News